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There has been a massive shipment delay for us, both international and domestic. We are trying our best to keep everything in stock, but with shipment delays and supplies being in high demand, it is difficult to get everything in a timely manner. Thank for your understanding.

The dine- in area will be closed 30 minutes before closing. You are welcome to order drinks and sit or order to-go or take out but we will not be taking any dine-in orders during that time.


Can I order food platters?

If you want to order a large amount of food than please place the order at least 12 hours in advance. This allows us to prepare everything in a timely manner.


We have a cap limit for only 10 banh mi per order. You must order at least 24 hours in advance for banh mi orders larger than 10. Thank You for your consideration.


What is the difference between milk teas and lattes?

Milk tea is a bit of misnomer here. We use a non-dairy powder creamer for our milk teas while our lattes are made with real milk with the option of alternative milks. Lattes are defaulted served cold. We do have the milk alternatives with Almond milk, Oat milk, Soy milk, and Coconut milk as the options.

Is boba vegan?

Yes! Boba is made of tapioca starch. Most of our toppings are vegan since we prefer to use a plant base thickener like agar-agar or tapioca starch instead of gelatin.

Is crystal boba gluten free?

Yes, crystal boba is a gluten free alternative to regular boba. Other toppings that are gluten free are our grass jelly.

Can I order drinks in bulk?

Yes, you can order in bulk but please call at least a couple hours ahead if the order is more than 10 drinks, especially if you want boba in all of them. Otherwise you will be waiting at least an hour for your order to be made.

How does the weekend special work?

Every weekend we have a new Vietnamese dish for Saturday and Sunday.

Do we have decaf?

We're sorry but we don't have any decaf teas here! We do have some options that are caffeine free and the fruit milk teas can be made to be non-caffeinated. Our yogurts and yakult drinks, the Aloe Vera juices, Winter Melon drinks, and herbal drinks are all non-caffeinated. The Assam Black Tea is the most caffeinated of the teas while the Jasmine Green Tea is the least caffeinated.

What is the Monster Latte?

It's a sweet milky drink. It has a brown sugar-molasses drizzle and topped with cheese foam. It comes with boba.

What should I get?

It depends on what you are feeling for! Are you looking for something light and refreshing? Look towards the Flavored teas or maybe the Aloe Vera juice for a non-caffeinated drink. The fruit slushes are also a great cold option for a hot day. If you want something more creamy, the milk teas are great

Is pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed inside unless they are certified service dogs. This is due to some of the staff having allergies to fur and others may have a severe fear of animals. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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